аренда квартир Львов

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аренда квартир Львов посуточно
аренда квартир Львов посуточно
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аренда квартир Львов посуточно

аренда квартир Львов посуточно

"Shpytal'na" str. (next to the Opera House), the 250-200 UAH.

If you would like to rent a house for rent in Lviv, without intermediaries, in the historic center of the city, you are interested in renting an apartment down the street Shpitalnaya that in the 2-minute walk from the Opera House. Recently refurbished, new furniture, laundry water, heating. The apartment has a refrigerator, microwave, cable TV, iron, hairdryer and Wi-Fi Internet). The apartment can sleep up to 4 people. 250-200 UAH. (depending on length of stay)
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"Teodora square" (Center), 250-200 UAH.

We offer to rent apartments 1-room apartment in the center of the city. Apartment with a fresh renovation. Just always have hot and cold water. The apartment has Internet Wi-Fi ,television, microwave, refrigerator, a comfortable double bed with orthopedic mattress and a folding chair.
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"" Teodora square" , 350 UAH per day, more than 3 300 UAH

We offer to you in a posutochnuyu lease one-room apartment in a center Lvov. Eurorepair, all domestic technique, large comfortable bed, conditioner.
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Liberty Avenue, 350-300 UAH

We offer you a One-room apartment, which is located in the historical center of Lviv, Freedom Avenue. The balcony offers a great view of the Opera House, the fountain and one of the most beautiful streets in the city. Apartment A collection of household appliances (TV, cable TV, refrigerator, microwave, etc.), utensils and linens, in short everything you need for a comfortable stay for a long or short-term settlement. For car owners are nearby car parking. There is also a laundry and water heating systems, which will create the best climate in the apartment for you.
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"Horodnyts'ka" str, 220 UAH per day, more than 3 180 UAH

1-room apartment 20 min walk of the historic center of Lviv, or 3 stops by tram. The apartment has everything you need: TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, electric kettle. The apartment is renovated less than 3 months ago, can accommodate up to 4 people. If you are looking for an inexpensive apartment in Lviv in a quiet area, this apartment is for you.
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Het'mana Mazepy str. 300 UAH per day, longer 3-250 UAH

If you are interested in rent apartment in Lviv, we present to your attention a cozy one-bedroom apartment, located in a quiet area, close to the center, on the 8th floor of a 9-storey building. The apartment is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay. Stove, refrigerator, microwave, TV, heated floor. Bathroom equipped with imported sanitary ware and tiles, a washing machine, dryer, boiler, laundry water. Just want to note the presence of a computer in the apartment, high speed internet, cable TV and a double orthopedic bed. From the balcony of the apartment offers great views of the High Castle, and not far from the house is paid guarded parking. We work without intermediaries. 300 UAH per day, more than 3, 250 UAH
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"Konduktors'ka" str, 250 UAH per day, more than 3 200 UAH

The apartment is located on the 2nd floor of Austrian mansion in the prestigious area near the Station Square. At the front of the house was the former owner's monogram «VERA». The apartment is renovated. The large room can lodge up to 5 people, equipped kitchen helps comfortably hold a cup of coffee or something more substantial? The apartment is very comfortable with high ceilings, heating system, a constant supply of hot and cold water. Journey to the center takes about 10-15 minutes.
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